Jetstream Pools certified pool operator Steve is pictured here holding one of two baby goslings he rescued in the Spring of 2016 during a pool opening.  While opening a pool, some alarming chirping sounds could be heard in the distance.  The Jetstream Team halted operations to investigate the issue.  Steve made his way close to the riverbank, where he stumbled across two baby abandoned goslings, stranded and shivering in the cold.  Not wanting to interfere with mother nature, the goslings were left where they were, and the crew returned to the pool continue with the service.  However, the chirping continued, and soon enough, the two goslings had made their way up the riverbank and waddled towards Steve, crying for help.  Suddenly, one of the little goslings bolted towards the ice-cold water of the pool and tried to jump in!  In an instant, Steve dove towards the pool edge and caught the baby gosling before it fell into the pool!  Slowly rising to his feet, Steve gently held the scared gosling close to his body to keep it warm.  He scooped up the other gosling and almost immediately their chirping calmed to a soft murmur as they nestled into Steve’s sheltering hands.   Goslings do not have the oils that are essential for buoyancy fully developed at this age.  Had they not been rescued, they most certainly would have drowned.  The customer came out of her house and brought a warm blanket and basket to put the goslings in while we finished the job.  They were fed and cared for by the customer and her granddaughter.  When the job was complete, Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was immediately contacted and arrangements were made to drop the goslings off at the animal rescue centre, located at 400 Pembina.  We kept in touch with Lisa at Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to check up on our two goslings.  They were paired up with an adult goose alongside some other abandoned goslings to learn ‘how to goose’.  The whole family is to be safely released this Fall.  Thank you to Lisa and her team at PWRC for all of their hard work.  If you would like to donate to their cause, please CLICK HERE to make a difference.



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