Opening your pool

Opening your pool means that summer is just ahead!  Getting your water circulating earlier than later is usually a good thing and recommended once the ice has melted in your pool.  The longer you wait to open your pool for the season, the more of a chance there is of algae developing.  We handle all cover types: tarp style, fitted vinyl, and safety covers.  We take extra precaution not to spill or mix any of the standing water that may have accumulated over the winter months on top of the winter cover.  If you have a safety cover then you will not have any water accumulating on top as the snow melts through and drains back into your pool.  We will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service.
  • Can be frustrating and time consuming
  • Opening your pool can be dirty and strenuous
  • We can spot and fix equipment malfunctions

Closing your pool

Closing your pool is the most important process of the year.  If your pool is closed incorrectly, there is a good chance that your underground pipes or equipment may burst, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs.  We take great pride in our closing service, and many of our customers are excited to see sparkling blue water come springtime.  We use our StreamMachine, a commercial grade blower designed specifically for Canadian climates, to clear out your plumbing lines of any fluid.  Our StreamMachine blows so powerful that it creates a small water fountain out of your main drain.  We will ensure you are completely satisfied with our service.
  • Don’t risk it, let us take the responsibility
  • Breath easy and know that it’s been done right
  • We winterize all of your equipment and plumbing lines


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